UL FSRI Accepting Applications for DHS FEMA 2015 Grant on Coordinated Fire Attack


Study of Coordinated Fire Attack utilizing Acquired Structures

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) will lead a 3-year Technology and Product Development Project examining coordinated fire attack utilizing acquired structures. The increased understanding of fire behavior that […]

UL FSRI Conducts Concrete Training Building Experiments

  Training Fires: Concrete Training Building Experiments from UL FSRI on Vimeo. The emphasis on science based education for firefighters has identified a gap between the effectiveness of various tactics […]

Fire Service Gets Free Access to New UL Safety Smart Training Portal

We are thrilled to announce the rollout of the NEW UL SAFETY SMART TRAINING PORTAL. The portal is an online source which contains the Safety Smart program training materials, accompanying […]

UL Hoverboard Fire Demonstration

Everyone has probably seen some coverage of hoverboard fire incidents on the news.  Many of them have required fire service response.  In order to better understand these failures UL’s Research Team demonstrated […]

IFSI Research Center releases interim report on “Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Risks in Modern Firefighting”

UL FSRI was honored to participate in this study in partnership and collaboration with the Illinois Fire Service Institute,  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Globe Manufacturing Company and U.S. Department of Homeland […]