New Training: Top 20 Tactical Considerations from Firefighter Research

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) teamed up with FIREHOUSE
to provide an interactive look at 20 Tactical Considerations from Firefighter

The goal of this partnership is to increase firefighters’ knowledge to reduce
deaths and injuries and assist responders in better preparing to respond to
emergencies in their community.

Authors include UL Firefighter Safety Research Advisory Board members
Assistant Chief Derek Alkonis (Los Angeles County), Lt. Sean Gray (Atlanta),
Chief Todd A. Harms (Phoenix) and Chief Peter Van Dorpe (Algonquin-Lake
in the Hill, IL, Fire Protection District).

This series, which includes photos and videos, is broken five sections:
Setting the Stage, Fire Dynamics, Initial Fire Attack, Coordinated Ventilation
and Thermal Imagers & Basement Fires.

You can find the tactics-focused content here.


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