Application Period for DHS 2013 Fire Attack Technical Panel Is Open
Stephen Kerber
November 26, 2014

As part of our Study of the Impact of Fire Attack Utilizing Interior and Exterior Streams on Firefighter Safety and Occupant Survival we are looking for an advisory panel made up of the fire service; and fire service research field. This panel, comprised of 15-25 fire service representatives will be selected from an open application process. We are looking for fire service representatives with knowledge in fire stream application and training in fire attack methods. Ideal applicants are those who are students of the job who want to make this study relevant and meaningful to the progression of the fire service. As we examine applications we will look to balance: Department Size, Type, Geography, Experience, Rank, Affiliations with Fire Service Organizations and other pertinent information provided. This well rounded panel allows UL FSRI to ensure their research is directed to the target audiences and that the end product of the research is able to be easily disseminated into practice.

The application period will be open until February 6, 2015. If you are not sure if you should apply or not, APPLY! We will notify those that have been selected to participate by February 23, 2015 and will post the technical panel on our website.

What is expected of those selected? The project requires 3 trips for in person meetings; an Introductory Planning Meeting (most likely in May 2015), Witnessing of Experiment(s) (Most Likely in January 2016) and a Summary Meeting (Most likely in second half of 2016). UL FSRI will cover all travel expenses associated with these trips. We are not able to cover salary expenses for missed time as a result of attending the meetings. Permission to participate from your fire departments management is not required but we highly encourage it. Prior to the introductory meeting and in between meetings there will be requests to share material such as incident reviews or training material that will help shape the study. After the release of the final report the technical panel will be asked to assist with dissemination of the study results.

We know that this study is much anticipated because we have gotten many inquiries as to when the application period will open. The selection will be difficult and we have limited funding which will limit the size of the technical panel. and We also need to limit the panel because there is work to be done and decisions need to be made that represent the desires of the entire fire service. That becomes much more difficult as the group size gets larger. We realize there are millions of qualified firefighters in the world that could participate and contribute but unfortunately that is not possible to manage. We will do our best to make this project as transparent as possible so that everyone can monitor progress. We will also allow as many people to watch the experiments as is practical in addition to the technical panel.

To apply visit Fire Attack Technical Panel

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