Attend UL FSRI PPA-PPV Testing in Northbrook IL
Stephen Kerber
November 11, 2014

As part of the 2012 DHS Grant looking at positive pressure ventilation in residential structures UL FSRI will be conducting full fire tests the month of January 2015. A total of 24 experiments will be constructed in the large scale fire test lab in Northbrook, IL. Test setups configured as a single story ranch home (1200 Sq Ft) and two story colonial (3200 Sq Ft) will be utilized to fully understand the science between positiveSingle Story Render pressure ventilation and attack. Each structure will be outfitted with over 150 sensors to collect data on temperature, heat flux, gas concentration and velocity through openings. As designed by our fire service technical panel the experiments will answer questions about when positive pressure attack is effective.


Single Story InstrumentationAt UL FSRI we strive to open up the research process and invite the fire service to be part of it all. Those individuals willing to provide your own transportation and lodging, this is your opportunity to get involved and witness the research as it happens.You will be given an opportunity to tour the houses before the test begins including all the measurement equipment. One experiment will take place in the morning and one experiment will take place after lunch. You will be able to watch the experiments from the observation room on the second floor and will be able to visit the lab floor again when smoke has cleared and it is safe to do so. In addition to the UL FSRI staff, the fire service technical panel and for the project and UL FSRI advisory board will be visiting throughout the work and can provide insight into how this work and other projects continues to impact the fire service. Click here for more information and to visit our registration page.



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