FSRI and ISFSI Release Report - Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires
Craig Weinschenk
March 28, 2018

The “Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires” report is now available.

Access the report HERE

BC Corner of the Basement Structure

Supported with a DHS/FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant, ISFSI and UL FSRI conducted this research to better understand why basement fires present such a high risk to firefighters and what they can do to avoid injury. This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. Those access conditions include no exterior access to the basement, limited exterior access to the basement, and exterior access to the basement. The results of the experiments show the importance of identifying a basement fire, controlling ventilation, and flowing an effective hose stream into the basement from a position of advantage, as soon as possible.

To find an 8-hour class in your region, visit ISFSI’s website by clicking HERE.

Captain Matt LeTourneau
Captain Matt LeTourneau, Philadelphia FD, passed away on Saturday, January 6, 2018 after succumbing to his injuries suffered from a structural collapse while fighting a rowhouse fire.

Matt assisted UL FSRI countless times when we conducted experiments in Pennsylvania and was key contributor to the Technical Panel of the ISFSI Basement Fire Research Project. He always stopped by to talk fire service topics and to simply see if we needed an extra hand with anything, usually before or after a shift with PFD. In honor of his contributions, the ISFSI Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires Project is dedicated in his name.
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