UL FSRI Completes Ranch Structure Training Fire Experiments
Robin Zevotek
May 23, 2018

Fire Service Training Environment - Acquired Structures

The final series of experiments for the DHS FEMA 2014 Grant - “Study of the Fire Service Training Environment: Safety, Fidelity, and Exposure” was conducted in acquired structures. Twelve experiments were conducted utilizing the same interior layout used in previous projects to study horizontal, vertical, and positive pressure ventilation. To allow for comparison of these results to prior studies, the first floor was isolated from the basement of this structure. The experiments were designed to quantify the differences between wood based fuels and the home furnishings used in previous studies, while at the same time evaluate the ability to demonstrate ventilation effectiveness in acquired structure training fires.

Click here to see a table of the experiments conducted….

Test Fuel Location Fuel Load Ventilation
1 Living Room Pallets Horizontal Near (Living Room Vent)
2 Living Room Pallets+OSB Horizontal Near (Living Room Vent)
3 Living Room Pallets Horizontal Far (Bedroom 2 Vent)
4 Living Room Pallets+OSB Horizontal Far (Bedroom 2 Vent)
5 Living Room Pallets Vertical Near (Living Room Vent)
6 Living Room Pallets+OSB Vertical Near (Living Room Vent)
7 Bedroom 1 Pallets Vertical Far (Living Room Vent)
8 Bedroom 1 Pallets+OSB Vertical Far (Living Room Vent)
9 Bedroom 2 Pallets PPV Near (Living Room Vent)
10 Bedroom 2 Pallets+OSB PPV Near (Living Room Vent)
11 Living Room Pallets PPV Far (Bedroom 2 Vent)
12 Living Room Pallets+OSB PPV Far (Bedroom 2 Vent)
Interior Layout of Ranch-Style Acquired Structure
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