FSRI Releases On-line Training for Part III of The Fire Attack Study - Full Scale Experiments
Robin Zevotek
February 19, 2018

UL FSRI is pleased to release the on-line training for Part III of the 2013 DHS FEMA Grant, Impact of Fire Attack Utilizing Interior and Exterior Streams on Occupant Survival: Full Scale Experiments.


This on-line training details the results and analysis from the Full-Scale Residential Fire Experiments. The results from these experiments provide knowledge for better decision-making skills and enhance water application techniques to increase victim survivability during a fire attack in a residential structure.

“This project puts numbers to the discussion of where and when to apply water during residential fire suppression. The tactical considerations developed will help provide concepts for use in various types of residential fire suppression tactics.”

-Stephen Kerber, Director UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

Part I of this project looked at Water Mapping and Part II of this project looked at Air Entrainment.


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