International Society of Fire Service Instructors Basement Fire Project Visitor Day
Craig Weinschenk
July 14, 2017

Yesterday was visitor day at the Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors Understanding & Fighting Basement Fires project. We were joined by firefighters from across the country to show them behind the scenes of our research. UL FSRI’s Dan Madrzykowski provided background of the past basement fire research, fire dynamics and significant incidents that we are filling in gaps with this study prior to the experiment.


Test Structure

Side A with front door at the deck level.

Side C with simulated walk out basement. Ventilation will be from escape window and slider door.

Video footage after yesterday’s basement fire experiment. This camera was placed at the glass slider door of the walkout basement. After the slider was fully ventilated the increased oxygen into the basement ignited the unburned gases flowing out of the doorway.

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