Tactical Considerations Web Series: Ep 7 - Understand How Heat Transfers Through Turnout Gear
Jennifer Williams
July 9, 2018

In Episode 7, check out UL FSRI Advisory Board Member and Division Chief for Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue Service, Charles Bailey, as he explains how heat transfers through turnout gear:

One of the most important lessons we as firefighters must understand is the use and limitations of our PPE. While we may not be able to out-perform the thermal limitations of our turnouts, by applying the right tactics, we can certainly enhance our operational effectiveness and reduce the potential for thermal insult/injury.

Additional resources related to this consideration:

Article: Thermal response to firefighting activities in residential structure fires: the impact of job assignment and suppression tactic

Report: Fire Fighter Equipment Operational Environment - Evaluation of Thermal Conditions

This series of videos will bring you tactical considerations from firefighter research and will feature members of the UL FSRI team and Advisory Board.

A Tactical Consideration is an evidence based concept for the fire service to consider implementing into their department to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and increase knowledge to accomplish their mission. With all of the measurements made during UL FSRI experiments as well as the vast experience of our project technical panels, several consistent themes have emerged that may be helpful to the fire service. Each of these themes is packaged as a tactical consideration with supporting text and visuals.

The application of tactical considerations depends upon many factors such as:

  • building structure and geometry
  • capabilities and resources available to the first responding fire department
  • availability of mutual aid

There is no silver bullet tactic for structure fires and these considerations are meant to increase the knowledge of the fire service and to be incorporated into training and procedures, if deemed applicable.

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