UL FSRI Launches German version of Governors Island Online Training Program
Stephen Kerber
May 2, 2016

Wenn Sie die deutsche Version dieser Ankündigung lesen wollen, klicken Sie bitte hier

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) is pleased to announce the German release of “Scientific Research for the Development of More Effective Tactics (Governors Island Experiments)”.

The English version of this online course was released two years ago in April 2014, serving as a culmination of the full-scale field experiments performed on Governors Island by the Fire Department of New York, NIST and UL in 2012. This course brings science to the streets by examining two main groups of tactical considerations. The first group looks at the impact of controlling ventilation and flow paths. The second explores the use of exterior fire attack as a means to rapidly reduce the fire hazard inside the structure in order to facilitate interior fire operations. Fires were conducted within numerous 3 story residential row houses with ignition occurring in the basement, in the first floor living room, and in a second floor bedroom.

Led by UL FSRI Advisory Board member Jens Stiegel, Assistant Chief of the Frankfurt am Main Fire Department, all course text, audio, and videos were translated from the original English version to German.


UL FSRI Director Steve Kerber adds, “Thank you to Chief Stiegel and his team for helping [UL] FSRI complete its first multilingual release. Having members of the fire service do the translating was invaluable. Their efforts make it possible for us to share one of our most widely viewed online courses with a more global audience.”

The Governors Island course will be available soon in Spanish. Polish and Dutch versions are also in the works.

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COURSE (German). For mobile users, the course is compatible with tablet devices and iPad via the Articulate Media Player application in the App Store.


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