Visit UL and Watch the Fire Attack Experiments
Stephen Kerber
January 25, 2016

As we continue our DHS Assistance to Firefighters funded project studying the Impact of Fire Attack Utilizing Interior and Exterior Streams on Firefighter Safety and Occupant Survival, it is now time for the full scale fire experiments to take place. These will occur in Northbrook, IL between the dates of February 25th and March 18th. We recognize the importance for the fire service to see these experiments and witness the research firsthand. We would like to open up the UL campus to the fire service on the following days: February 29th, March 2nd, March 14th, and March 18th. Visitors who attend one of these days will be able to witness two experiments in our large laboratory building which will house two 1620 square foot single story ranch homes. These homes are constructed for the sole purpose of examining the questions within the scope of this project.

The day will begin around 0800 hours and run through approximately 1400 hours with the ability to view the structures, instrumentation, and test plan in the morning before we begin. You will then witness two full scale experiments examining various suppression tactics from both the perspective of the firefighter and the occupant. With a total of 75 visitors each day, you will have the opportunity to interact with other fire service professionals as well. Both experiments will be planned for the morning hours, followed by a catered lunch in the conference room before your departure.

With only four total visitor days this year, we are only allowing visitors to register and attend ONE day of testing.

For more details and to register to attend please visit this link: REGISTER HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in Northbrook!



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